Commercial Services

Window Washing

Your windows are a reflection of your building’s appearance. Our managers understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining your building for the community. Once your job site is evaluated, we will approach the window cleaning in manner that best suites your building, all the while ensuring that OSHA Codes and safety standards are met. Cliffhangers window cleaning will improve the overall appearance and value of your property.

Roof Top Anchor Systems

Roof and wall anchors will ensure the safety of maintenance on your building. Cliffhangers will help you achieve to be in compliance with OSHA requirements and ANSI/IWCA I-141.1 standards.


Cliffhangers will set an appointment for the qualified technician to come to your jobsite and figure the best approach and sealant for your building. We understand that this is a very important aspect of the buildings appearance as well as functionality. There is no job too large or small, whether it is a 30 story building or just a store front. We can guarantee customer satisfaction!


Cliffhangers, Inc. offers waterproofing and restoration services that include concrete and masonry repair, application and protective coatings and sealers, replacement of sealants and glazing, restoration of building facades and expansion joint replacement. We can help prevent unnecessary deterioration to extend the life and appearance of your structure. Cliffhangers will improve the overall appearance and value of your property.

Pressure Washing

Cliffhangers understands that first appearance is very important. Your building’s sidewalks, parking garage, decks, and exterior are the first areas your clients, tenants or potential clients and tenants see. We know how to remove the tough stains by professional hot water pressure washing. We will send a qualified technician to evaluate your specific job and present to you the best possible solution for your pressure washing needs.

Stain Removal

The windows in our client’s building reflect the building’s overall appearance, whether it be skylights in a mall, windows on a building, or even the atrium windows on an office building. As potential customers or even pedestrians walk by, your windows do not go unnoticed!

Acid rain, sprinklers, ultraviolet light and pre-cast runoff may leave residue on your glass that cannot be removed with the standard window cleaning technique. Cliffhangers will send a qualified technician to evaluate the glass in question and even schedule a test on the glass to determine which method of stain removal is best for your building. After the initial analysis and consultation, Cliffhangers stain removal program will return your glass to “like new” quality.

Project Design and Engineering

From the beginning to completion, we are able to design and implement the most complex of projects. Contact Cliffhangers today to find out more.

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