Why CliffHangers

Why Should You Trust Cliffhangers With Your Building?

  • Industries Best Employees

    In an industry where the norm is to operate with day laborers and undocumented workers, Cliffhangers stands out. We attract the highest caliber of workers in the industry. You can be confident that the workers on your job site will be personally vested in the project.

  • Fully Staffed Office and Sales Team

    If and when you do have a concern that you need to have addressed, you will always be able to reach a qualified person in our office to attend to the matter immediately.

  • Exceptional Protection

    Cliffhangers carries an insurance policy that exceeds the industry standard. The insurance coverage that will protect you and your customers is among the most comprehensive available.

  • Safety Training

    All Cliffhangers employees are thoroughly trained to follow OSHA and ANSI safety guidelines. They are held personally accountable for maintaining a safe and legal work environment.

  • Competitive Pricing

    While quality and safety are our primary concerns, we believe that value is an important aspect of our service. We strive to offer the most competitive price possible on each and every job.

  • Professional Appearance

    Cliffhangers workers are all professionally uniformed. Your building will maintain the highest possible level of decorum while the services we provide are being carried out.

  • Strict Drug Policy

    Cliffhangers maintains a zero tolerance drug policy. You can feel confident that your property will be treated with the care and respect it deserves.

  • Multiple Locations

    With several dispatch locations, Cliffhangers is able to service all of our customers promptly and efficiently. By minimizing travel time we can maintain a flexible and adaptable operation to attend to you specific needs.

  • Large Workforce

    Cliffhangers maintains one of the largest workforces in the Northeast. You can be confident we will be able to meet any deadlines you may have.

  • Proven Safety Record

    Cliffhangers is proud of our long standing record of job site safety. You can place your confidence in us, knowing our history of safety demostrates our reliability and dedication.

  • Superior Job Site Management

    All projects are overseen by an on site supervisor. There will always be a qualified company representative available on site to address your concerns immediately.

  • Dedication to Quality

    Taking illegal and dangerous shortcuts in the pursuit of a bigger bottom line is a common practice in the window cleaning industry. Cliffhangers will never put you, your customers or your property in jeopardy by taking such ill advised shortcuts. We firmly believe, and teach our employees, that it is better to do a job right than to do it fast.

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