Cliffhangers Custom Anchor Systems



Project Consulting

Project Consulting is typically the first step in any new proposed project.  A project manager can meet with building owners, property managers, architects, and/or contractors to determine a feasible fall protection solution.  Whether it is a site walk through or a pre-construction meeting, our consultants are committed to explaining the OSHA & ANSI/IWCA  I-14 safety requirements and how they will relate to your building(s).



Project Design & Engineering

All of the Cliffhangers, Inc. Fall/Restraint Systems and Anchors are designed in strict accordance with OSHA and ANSI/IWCA guidelines.  Our design team is composed of experienced designers, engineers, and draftsmen.  The anchors are available in glavanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Anchors are designed to facilitate different methods of attachments to the structure including welding, cast-in-place, bolt through plate attachments and /or chemical epoxy adhesives.  With a building’s architectural and structural drawings, we can provide a roof anchor layout with specific anchor details and building attachment locations.  When accurate construction drawing is not available, field verification may be needed.  Once a design is approved by the client, we will provide a CAD shop drawing stamped by a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in your state.

For anchor product information and anchor installation information please contact us at 800-930-9274 to set up a consultation appointment.

In November 2017, OSHA passed a new law that requires all tall buildings have a Fall Protection System installed when working from the roof. That means that suspended work, including window cleaning and repair work that is not done without proper Roof anchors installed, is not in compliance with the new OSHA ruling.  See the new law here.

For over 13 years, Cliffhangers have been providing clients with the necessary means to have these systems designed, installed and inspected.

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