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Cliffhangers provides complete window cleaning and maintenance services for commercial and residential clients throughout New England.  A broad range of services coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence and an experienced staff means that you receive unparalleled service.


Our service team includes specialist in every phase of exterior building maintenance.  We specialize in rooftop anchor installation, glass stain removal, waterproofing, caulking, power washing, and window cleaning.  Cliffhangers is the building service company to rely on.


Staffed by fully trained and experienced technicians, Cliffhangers, Inc. specializes in government buildings, commercial office buildings, high-rise residential complexes, hotels, schools, hospitals, municipal buildings and convention centers.  Serving Metropolitan Boston, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont we are able to handle multiple projects on a time schedule that fits your needs.


At Cliffhangers we ask ourselves “How may we serve our clients to the fullest?”
Some of the ways we have responded are by:







Through our scheduling service, our clients are notified well in advance to schedule a mutually beneficial time to begin working.  Prior to starting work at our client’s building, our managers complete a pre-work site inspection to ensure that there are not any pre-existing building conditions that need to be addressed.


Cliffhangers recognizes that in order to deliver quality service, the right personnel must be recruited, hired and trained.  Our team members must have the right service mentality and proper skills before performing client services.  We are committed to client satisfaction from the time we schedule the services all the way through to the follow-up phone call.  We make sure our customers are happy with the final results.


Established over 18 years ago, Cliffhangers, Inc. has grown rapidly due to our customer focus and ability to deliver a superior product at very reasonable price.  In addition to quality service we are committed to our employee’s safety and safety at the job sites.  We believe that a job worth doing is worth doing right. That’s why on all our customers tell us that “we take window cleaning to new heights”!

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