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Serving New England for more than 15 years, taking window cleaning to new heights!

Professional, top-quality window cleaning you can count on.

Cliffhangers offers full-service window cleaning for your business, or your home. Serving the towering office buildings of Downtown Boston to the local residents of Cape Cod, we can help keep your windows sparkling clean. With more than 15 years of experience, our expert team provides professional service, quality results, and an unwavering commitment to excellence that’s sure to leave you satisfied.

Cliffhangers, Inc.

The Cliffhangers team specializes in every part of exterior maintenance. From rooftop anchor installation to glass stain removal, sealants and caulking to power washing, our experienced window cleaners get the job done right. We fully inspect every worksite prior to beginning cleaning, to assess if there are pre-existing building conditions that need to be addressed.

Why Choose Cliffhangers?

  • The Best Service Personnel In The Industry
  • Efficient and Effective Process
  • Full Compliance With I-14 Safety Standards and OSHA Codes
  • Highly Skilled Management

At Cliffhangers, we recognize that in order to deliver quality service, we need a highly trained, dedicated team. We are committed to client satisfaction from the time we schedule your service all the way through to the follow-up phone call, ensuring our customers are happy every step of the way to the final results.

Staffed by the best in the business, Cliffhangers works with a wide range of customers, from government buildings and commercial office buildings to high-rise residential complexes and hotels, schools, hospitals, and convention centers. And we serve clients from Boston to New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont.

We believe that a job worth doing is worth doing right.